'Sucker Punch' Won't Get 3-D Treatment, Director Confirms At Comic-Con

'None of us want to get kicked in the knees because our 3-D is crappy,' Zack Snyder says of lackluster conversion tests on the action flick.

SAN DIEGO — There had been speculation that one of the latest films to be getting the 3-D treatment would be Zack Snyder's "Sucker Punch," but when the director chatted with MTV News at Comic-Con on Friday, he confirmed — with deep regret — that the action flick would not be making the transition.

"It's not going to be in 3-D. I wanted it to be in 3-D, and we talked a lot about it, and we've looked at a lot of tests," Snyder said. "None of us want to get kicked in the knees because our 3-D is crappy."

Filmmakers took some preliminary steps to see how the film might look with a three-dimensional finish, but according to Snyder, the results weren't good enough to convince them to go that route. "We've looked at a lot of potential vendors who could turn it into 3-D, and it wasn't conceived in 3-D, like 'Guardians,' because I have made a movie, 'Legends of Guardians,' which is conceived in 3-D and it's cool 3-D. Maybe the problem was, I have been working on that for two years," Snyder speculated. "Now I'm broken by 3-D. I'm in love with 3-D. I can't go back."

These days, with its potential to fatten the box-office haul, going 3-D seems increasingly to be a studio decision rather than a director's. But Snyder said Warner Bros. trusted him when he said he didn't think a 3-D conversion would work. "They haven't really second-guessed me that much, and I appreciate that," he said. "Sucker Punch," which co-stars Vanessa Hudgens and Abbie Cornish, is due March 2011. Hudgens told MTV News this week that "Punch" through 3-D glasses "would be so badass."

As far as his previous films being converted into 3-D, Snyder seemed doubtful that they would return to the big screen in three dimensions. He revealed that screen tests had been done of "300" in 3-D (the director joked that it could be called "300D"), but it probably wouldn't get a green light. Even less likely would be "Watchmen" in 3-D, which he gushed "would be awesome," but Snyder didn't seem to think the world needed yet another version of his passion project.

"One more 3-hour-and-45-minute 'Watchmen,' " he said with a laugh, before confirming that it was not on the list.

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