Rick Ross Wants To Take His Music To The 'Next Level' With Dr. Dre

He also reveals on MTV News' 'RapFix Live' that he hopes to get in the studio with producer Frankie Beverly.

Rick Ross has made "Maybach Music" with Jay-Z and "Aston Martin Music" with Drake and all kinds of numbers in between with a who's who list of talent. But the Miami rap titan still has a checklist of artists he would like to work with in the future, ranging from an iconic rap producer to a legendary soul singer.

During his appearance Friday (July 23) on our inaugural "RapFix Live" broadcast, Ross revealed that he hopes to get in the studio with Dr. Dre or Frankie Beverly for his Teflon Don follow-up.

"I look forward to going to the next level, so hopefully on the next album, you might see a Dr. Dre collaboration or you might see a Frankie Beverly collaboration," Ross told Sway. "I'm a player with this."

The Bawse hasn't connected with Dre yet, but he made sure to let his wishes be known. "I'm putting it in the air right now," Ross said of the collaboration.

Next up, Ross will start production on the video for "Live Fast, Die Young," his single with Kanye West. The Def Jam star told MTV News earlier this week that he secured Hype Williams as the director of the clip, after his plans for Spike Lee to helm the shoot fell through.

"Yeah, the homie Yeezy, we decided on Hype Williams. Hype Williams will direct 'Live Fast, Die Young,' " he revealed. "Hit me up on Twitter @rickyrozay, and the reason I say that, I tweeted a picture of me and the homie Spike Lee. He came to my birthday party. I was brainstorming, like, 'We need that different vibe.' I tweeted a picture with me and the homie Spike. Ultimately, Hype will direct it. But look for Spike to do a Rozay video. I'mma be the first since [Public Enemy's] 'Fight the Power' and the other great [videos he directed back in the day]."

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