Selena Gomez And Joey King Recall 'Ramona And Beezus' On-Set Pranks

'He was definitely a prankster,' Gomez says of co-star John Corbett.

While the characters of "Ramona and Beezus" (played by Joey King and Selena Gomez, respectively), which opens this weekend, sometimes find themselves caught up in silly antics, on the Vancouver set of the film, it was their movie dad, John Corbett, who kept the two girls in stitches.

"He was definitely a prankster," Gomez revealed to MTV News at the junket for the film. "He was just so funny. One time he lifted up his shirt to Bridget [Moynahan] before we went into a serious scene, and that was pretty funny. And Bridget pulled it off very well."

Gomez apparently also had the pleasure of being on the receiving end of Corbett's goofiness. "In one scene, it was dinner and he kept piling mashed potatoes on Selena's plate," King shared.

"It was so much!" Gomez, who turned 18 this week, added.

After having so much fun on-set, King says that she had a really amazing time shooting the film. "I just loved working with the cast and the crew," she said. "Everyone was so sweet, including Selena. I just had the best time."

And it seems that Gomez feels the same way. "I was extremely lucky," she said. "This was my first feature film, so I'm extremely honored to be a part of this." The two young ladies walked away from the set feeling more like sisters than simply co-stars.

"Even when they stopped, when they would say 'cut,' we would still just be as loud and talking. We all got along really well," Gomez said. "Pretty much, we talk all the time. She's like my sister, and I never had a sibling, so she's as close as I've got."

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