Swizz Beatz Denies Alicia Keys Wedding And Management Rumors

'I am one trillion percent not managing my fiancée,' he tells People magazine.

Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys plan to hit the altar eventually, but the producer/rapper denied rumors that the pair will get hitched this weekend on a yacht.

"The wedding is not this week," Swizzy told People magazine Wednesday. "People are very creative [with gossip], but it's cool. We have fun with this stuff."

As for whispers that the musical duo will marry on a yacht, the super-producer said it's all talk. "[The rumors are that] we're taking a boat to do this, and we're like, 'Man, who's paying for that?' " Swizz said.

Keys and Beatz plan to become husband and wife and are expecting their first child together, but the beatsmith insists he's not taking the reins when it comes to his Keys' career. "I am one trillion percent not managing my fiancée," Swizz said, responding to rumors that the MC was stepping into the role after Keys recently split from her longtime manager, Jeff Robinson. "I'm not a manager."

Swizzy might not be controlling his Grammy-winning lady's professional moves, but the hitmaking pair do enjoy collaborating musically. Swizz recently told MTV News that the duo keep it impromptu when it comes to recording sessions.

"Me and AK, we just love music," Swizzy said. "When we in the studio, we work on a lot of things that ain't planned. We was just in the studio vibing on some stuff for her album, vibing on some stuff for my album. We might use it, we might not use it. Anytime we in the studio, it's just musical genius, minds connecting on another level, which is always cool."

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