Travis Barker Says New Blink-182 Album Will Be Out Next Year

Drummer will juggle finishing off his solo album with work on the new record by his band.

Last month, Blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus made waves when he promised that [link type="content" id="1642163"]new music from the band was "on the way,"[/link] and that, after almost seven years, the wait for their next album was mercifully entering the homestretch.

"Blink-182 is full-steam ahead!" he wrote on his blog. "In June and July we will be at the rehearsal spot, getting ready for the European tour this summer, and writing new songs. When the European tour is finished, we head back and play ONE SHOW in Southern California. Then that is IT for live shows for the rest of 2010. Why? Because we'll be in the studio recording the new Blink-182 album. Until it is finished."

It seemed pretty definite ... but when MTV News found ourselves on the set of Blink drummer Travis Barker's new video — for "Carry It," which will appear on his long-delayed solo album — we got a little worried. If Trav was here, who was laying down drums at Blink rehearsals? And who would be playing on the new record?!?

Of course, we had to ask him ... and luckily, he assuaged our fears.

And, much like Hoppus, he promised that 2011 will mark the return of Blink.

"We are in rehearsals — what will soon be production rehearsals — for our European tour, and that's exciting," he said. "[The new record] is gonna be [out] next year, so we're gonna start on it right when we get home [from tour.]"

Barker added that, despite the fact that he's rehearsing with Blink and gearing up to promote his solo album, neither project will be put on the back burner. That's just not the way he operates.

"I love juggling stuff. It's in my best interest to stay busy," he said. "I don't like downtime, and I love playing music. So it doesn't even feel like work."

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