Lloyd Banks Cleared Of Charges In Canadian Court, Lawyer Says

A judge withdrew charges stemming from an alleged January brawl between G-Unit MC's entourage and a show promoter.

A Canadian court has withdrawn all charges against Lloyd Banks, attorney Scott E. Leemon told MTV News. The charges stemmed from a January incident in which the G-Unit rapper and his crew allegedly attacked a Canadian concert promoter. In a statement to MTV News, Leemon said that all of the criminal charges the star was facing, including forcible confinement, robbery and aggravated assault, were withdrawn on July 15.

A representative for the Ontario Provincial Court confirmed to MTV News on Thursday (July 22) that the charges against Banks have been withdrawn.

Banks thanked his Canadian lawyer Patrick Ducharme, as well as Ontario authorities for doing "the right thing," in the statement.

Earlier this year, Banks was allegedly involved in a heated brawl after performing in Brantford, Ontario. Following a show at nightclub NV, Banks and three associates held a show promoter/ booking agent in a local hotel against his will and physically assaulted and robbed him, according to police. Banks' lawyer Ducharme identified the alleged victim as Chris Hines. The alleged attack was apparently motivated by money, as police said Banks' appearance fee was an issue. The Queens MC and his crew were arrested after the attack and appeared in court on January 10. All four men were charged with forceful confinement, aggravated assault and robbery.

Banks and his entourage were released from custody after posting bail on January 12 but the MC (real name Christopher Lloyd) and another associate, Nicklas Sloane, were later detained by Canadian immigration officials for unspecified issues. However, the star was allowed to return to the U.S. after an immigration hearing on January 13.

Leemon added in the statement that with the legal drama over, the G-Unit MC anticipates heading up north once again: "With this finally behind him, Banks looks forward to coming back to Canada soon."