Travis Barker Says 'Carry It' Video Is 'Punch You In The Face' Intense

Drummer is joined by RZA, Raekwon and Tom Morello on the track and clip.

Like all things involving Travis Barker, shooting a video for "Carry It" — the potential first single from his oft-delayed solo album — involved a whole lot of waiting. Though, also like everything he does, the waiting was worth it.

"This song's been mixed for a couple weeks, and I've just sat with it, made sure it aged well," Barker told MTV News on Wednesday night on the set of the video in Los Angeles. "And then it was a matter of getting everyone at the same time in the same room for this video. I wanted it to be performance. I didn't want there to be a story line. I wanted it just to be about us playing together."

And in this case, "us" means Barker alongside Rage Against the Machine maestro Tom Morello and Wu-Tang mastermind RZA on guitars ("We're like two black Ted Nugents, shredding simultaneously," Morello joked) and fellow Wu mainstay Raekwon on the mic. So, really, waiting for everyone to come onboard was key. After all, it's not often you get this kind of dream team together in the same room.

"The song started with RZA and I in my studio, with him playing guitars and me playing drums, just jamming out," Barker explained. "Then I got Raekwon on it, and I showed it to Tom Morello, who was stoked on it, so he played on it. And that's how I wanted the video to be."

So that's exactly what the "Carry It" clip — directed by Petro Papahadjopoulos (TV on the Radio, Incubus) — is. And, much like the track itself, the energy of the four friends jamming together in one room is palpable, to the point where there's nothing else you could possibly think of adding to the mix. So no one involved really ever bothered to try.

"There was never any corny ideas [for the video]," Barker smiled. "[It's] just us rocking out. That's what's good about it. The track's raw; it's not candy-coated. ... This is like 'punch you in the face,' real hype music."

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