T.I. Honors Fiancee In 'Got Your Back' Video -- Watch It Here!

In the new clip, featuring Keri Hilson, recently incarcerated Tip shows love to the women who stand by their man despite legal woes.

Art imitates life in T.I.'s latest clip, "Got Your Back," in which the Atlanta rapper rhymes about a lover holding him down during arduous times.

The clip begins with a couple sitting in a sterile courtroom, the man seated before the judge and his love, tearful, sitting in the row behind him. The video then segues to another couple, showing the female love interest having lunch with her man at his loading-dock job. The visual transitions again to the pair making the best of what legal troubles have done to their lives: She shares a laugh with her incarcerated love during a visit to him in jail.

Whether it's the easy bliss of one romance or the strain of another, the clip represents how both women get his back.

"This is for the women who man caught in a sentence," Tip raps to the sing-songy beat. "Who gonna be there for a minute/ But they didn't keep their distance/ They stayed home, waiting on the phone/ And on visit day, they show up looking good/ Smelling better, playing kissy-face/ Just wanna let you know we appreciate/ Everything that you do for us on the day to day."

In the very last frame, as Tip is rapping, the recently freed MC's fiancée, Tameka "Tiny" Cottle, makes a surprise cameo, walking out from behind the Atlanta superstar.

"Got Your Back" is the latest offering from T.I.'s forthcoming King Uncaged album, due next month. The number follows "I'm Back" and "Yeah Ya Know (Takers)." Currently, the rapper is locked in the studio with a couple of A-list producers, trying to eke out a few more tracks before he drops his new project.

"We got a few big, big, big sessions coming up next week: Timbaland, Swizz Beatz," T.I. told MTV News recently. "I'm trying to show up and show out every time."

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