Kaskade And Dragonette Vocalist Team Up For 'Fire In Your New Shoes'

'I wanted somebody who was on the pop-electro sound already,' Kaskade says of choosing Martina Sorbara as his collaborator.

Earlier this year, progressive house-music producer Ryan Raddon — known to his fans around the world as [artist id="1226770"]Kaskade[/artist] — found himself body-checking pop-music goliaths when his album Dynasty debuted at #5 on the iTunes album download charts, knocking Justin Bieber out of the top 10 that week. The album spent three consecutive weeks in the top 10, an indicator of popular music's current appetite for faster beats per minute as well as a credit to Kaskade's own skills.

And while Dynasty features a mainstream dance collaboration with Dutch music titan Tiësto, fans of Kaskade will be pleased to know that for his first music video off the record, he's tackling one of the album's less progressive-house-sounding gems.

The song "Fire In Your New Shoes" is an atypically guitar-heavy Kaskade joint featuring the vocals of Martina Sorbara of the Canadian electro-pop group Dragonette. Sorbara shows a softer side in the song ... until she explodes on the track's chorus.

"While I light a fire in your new shoes/ If you should smile, look so surprised/ While I light a fire in your new shoes/ Look out that your soles don't burn to the floor," Sorbara sings.

When MTV News recently caught up with Kaskade, he explained just how their collaboration came about.

"I had a song that was very guitar-driven and I wanted somebody who was on the pop-electro sound already," Kascade recalled. "Even though this is different than what Dragonette does, it's kind of leaning towards that world. So I just sent her the song. She sent me a rough of the chorus and I was like, 'This is brilliant! It's amazing! Finish it!'

"The song is very fashion-oriented," he continued. "So [in the video], Dragonette, Martina, is singing about fashion. It's like this whirlwind of clothing: it's being ripped off of her and going in reverse and fast forward. It's craziness."

The brunette Sorbara is featured in the clip in an array of smoke and confetti-filled shots, decked out in red lipstick and slipping in and out of a tutu, among other forms of apparel, with Kaskade playing a smaller role.

"I play the part of the chic downtown photographer taking pictures of her. She's got a lot more work. I got the cameo part where I just show up and act cool, so that's easy," he offered.

The video for "Fire In Your New Shoes" is set to premiere online Friday. Kaskade plans to shoot his next video for "Don't Stop Dancing," a collaboration with Swiss house artist EDX and featuring frequent vocal collaborator Haley Gibby, sometime in the next month.