Ke$ha Strips Down And Glitters Up In 'Take It Off' Video

Singer says getting naked in the new clip is all about being 'raw and real.'

[artist id="3213641"]Ke$ha[/artist] recently told MTV News that during downtime on tour with Rihanna, the pop princesses "have slumber parties and pillow fights and ... talk about boys, naked." And it sounds like that stripped-down sensibility has carried over to her upcoming "Take It Off" video.

"It's my favorite video, I think, ever, that I've done because I get to get really dirty in glitter sand, and we all get naked because we're just, like, taking it all off," she said.

But the "Take It Off" clip isn't just about taking off your clothes and rolling in glitter. "It's also about taking off your inhibitions and being raw and real," Ke$ha said. "And then we start tearing each other apart into pieces, and we're all made out of glittery magic dust ... star dust."

OK, so maybe it is mostly about getting naked. Either way, Ke$ha says the video is still her favorite. Not even the recent clip of Israeli soldiers dancing to her hit "Tik Tok" or the May 2 episode of "The Simpsons" that used the song in its opening sequence could top it.

And yet those were pretty cool. "It's amazing ... I love it," she sad. "Having Israeli soldiers dancing to 'Tik Tok' and landing the opening of 'The Simpsons' ... [they're] dreams. It's been a pretty good year."