Lil Wayne Taking Prison 'One Day At A Time,' Birdman Says

Cash Money boss says Wayne's crew visits the incarcerated MC 'every week.'

Updates about [artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne's[/artist] jail bid have been pouring in, and in recent weeks Wayne himself has taken to his website,, to speak directly to his fans and chop it up about sports. Cash Money honcho Birdman said that the incarcerated superstar is keeping his head up as he rides out the rest of his sentence.


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"Wayne in good [spirits], taking it one day at a time," Birdman told, adding that Weezy's camp has been diligent about supporting and visiting the locked-up Grammy winner. "Everybody there supporting him. The whole family there, we there every week. We write, send him pictures, do everything the family supposed to do. We just taking it day by day, working hard, because that's what he drive on. That's what we do."

Wayne is roughly midway through his yearlong sentence and, assuming he stays out of trouble, is expected to head home on November 4, according to the MC's prison records.

Like millions of the superstar's fans, the Cash Money boss is eagerly anticipating Weezy's return from Rikers Island. "He be home in a minute and we can't wait," Birdman said.

When Weezy does return he'll have a lot of business to tend to, including a $1.1 million tax bill. Young Money's Jae Millz recently told MTV News that Wayne might mark his return home by heading directly to the stage.

"I hear when he comes home, he's hitting the stage," Millz said. "I hope they let him keep his inmate uniform. He needs to come onstage with that, the whole Bruce Leroy [jail attire] and take it off and throw all the jewels on and tear it down for everyone. 'Cause they waiting for him."