Lindsay Lohan's Father, Friends Protest Jail Time On 'Larry King Live'

'I don't think jail is going to change her; I think she needs to change herself,' one pal says.

Lindsay Lohan was checked into jail Tuesday (July 20) for the second time in her 24 years, but though her sentence is likely to be shortened from 90 days to 14, there are many close to her who are arguing that time behind bars is not what she needs right now.

Her father, Michael Lohan, and his attorney Lisa Bloom, as well as Lindsay's photographer friends Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri and Marcus Klinko, went on CNN's "Larry King Live" Tuesday night to argue their case, marking Michael's second time on the show to talk about his daughter's probation violation.

As far as the shortened sentence, Bloom said the move was due to overcrowding in Los Angeles prisons, not because of special treatment for Lohan. She said 50,000 people were relieved of their sentences early in L.A. prisons due to overcrowding, and she felt that the young celebrity was actually worse off than other inmates because she would be left alone for 23 hours a day.

An attorney could have filed an appeal on Lohan's behalf to move for her to be forced to attend rehab before her jail time instead of after, Bloom said, a move that she and Lohan's father both supported. Since Lohan is estranged from her father, Bloom had been reaching out on Michael's behalf to encourage her to attend her court-ordered rehab, but Lohan ignored it. "This is Michael Lohan's life: fighting for his daughter," Bloom said of his devotion to supporting Lindsay.

"The Insider" correspondent Chris Jacobs described the situation Lohan would be facing in jail, saying she would be well-fed, with a dinner tonight of turkey, pasta, applesauce and milk, but she will be without cigarettes, makeup and accessories and access to the Internet. Bloom reluctantly added that Lohan would still be provided some prescription drugs in prison but in limited quantities, which, in her words, "is an improvement."

"Jail helped because I wanted it to help," Michael said about his experience behind bars. "But then again, I went into jail, Larry, because I wanted to be sober." He added: "She's got to get off prescription drugs."

He said he is optimistic for his daughter, because she is court-ordered to attend rehab after she gets out of jail but is pessimistic about the issues she is sure to have after she is released because of her time in prison. However, Pal-Chaudhuri and Klinko think Lohan's bigger problem is who she is surrounded by in her personal life. Klinko said he feels Lohan doesn't need jail, but needs rehab and someone she can trust.

"What she needs is to have some time away from the cameras, from people following her," Pal-Chaudhuri said. "But I really think that Lindsay needs to figure out what she needs to do for herself."

She added that no one is interested in what Lohan thinks is good for her: "I don't think jail is going to change her; I think she needs to change herself," Pal-Chaudhuri said.