Taio Cruz Premieres Explosive New 'Dynamite' Video -- Watch It Here!

The British dance/pop sensation lights up a car repair shop staffed by leather-clad lady mechanics in latest clip.

Taio Cruz was not exaggerating when he told MTV News the video for his hit single "Dynamite" would "represent" with massive fireworks. The British pop star turns the heat up — way up.

Like the vid for his chart-topping "Break Your Heart," Cruz's second clip, which premiered Wednesday (July 21) on MTV.com, gives plenty of screen time to beautiful ladies, who look hot (both literally and figuratively). The opening scene shows them welding in a dusty mechanic shop, repairing wrecked cars. Suddenly, Cruz rides in on a sparkling white BMW superbike, rescuing the women from their work.

"I've done race cars and speedboats. For this one, I wanted to do things on a bike," Cruz told MTV News about his mode of transportation during filming.

Cruz does spin his wheels, but only, of course, after he marches through the repair lot, flanked by leather-clad ladies, and starting what looks to be an impromptu dance party. The video has a definite sunny SoCal vibe, with its wardrobe of cutoff jean shorts and Ray-Bans. And in addition to the dozens of lady extras, Cruz said he was almost overwhelmed by the numerous props.

"I've never done a video that has this many props in it," Cruz said. "We've got the most amazing, wrecked cars. There's even a massive truck that was used in the movie 'Universal Soldier.' "

Toward the end of the video, the sun sets and the British pop star gives an impromptu concert of sorts with the lady mechanics as his audience. Soon, an enormous, fiery explosion goes off behind the star, before subsiding into a shower of sparks, which, according to Cruz, is the perfect backdrop for the subtext of his song.

"The song 'Dynamite' itself is about when you go to the club and when you go to a party and when you're just going out ... you got to feel like, 'I'm just gonna explode.' "

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