Busta Rhymes: Nicki Minaj 'Stands Alone' Among 'Hottest Breakthrough MCs Of 2010' Finalists

'She's already doing everything that it takes to get to the next level,' the animated MC says of the Young Money Barbie.

With a bunch of memorable features already under her belt, a BET Award for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist and a surprise #1 hit with "Your Love", Nicki Minaj is reveling in her status as the queen of the hitmaking Young Money crew. Now, as a top-five finalist for "Hottest Breakthrough MC of 2010," Minaj is proving she's truly unstoppable this year.

For many of her fans, including fellow animated New York MC Busta Rhymes, there's not much more Nicki can do to secure her position as one of the hottest rappers around.

"I think she's already doing everything that it takes to get to the next level. She's standing alone — there is no two Nicki Minajs right now," Busta told MTV News.

Bussa Bus credits the Young Money Barbie's success to "her diversity, as far as what she's able to display style-wise." Busta explained that a lot of rappers can become stagnant when it comes to their style, an occupational hazard he hasn't seen Nicki fall victim to yet.

"A lot of the times we get stuck into these characters where we kind of become slaves to those characters; we sound a particular kind of a way all of the time," he explained. "I'm never saying that it's not a good thing. We should always trademark certain things about us so that people can identify with it off the top. But it's always good to be able to show people how diversified you are and what you're capable of outside your comfort zone," Busta said. "It feels like she ain't got no problem displaying that."

And while many Nicki fans would agree that Minaj has the music game on lock, Busta said that the star should try to shut down Hollywood as well.

"I probably think the one thing she need to do that she ain't did yet was show up in a couple of these movies," Busta said, adding, "and it's a wrap. She get a couple of these movies and steal the scenes that she's in the same way she do it on these records, she going to put the nail in the coffin with that."

MTV News will be rolling out the top-five candidates for "Hottest Breakthrough MCs of 2010" all week — with the winner being revealed on MTV2's "Sucker Free Summit" on Sunday at noon!