Bun B Says ‘Hottest Breakthrough MC Of 2010′ Finalist Wiz Khalifa Is A Hit Away From Being A Huge Star

'He's made the connection with the people,' the Houston rapper says of 'Hottest Breakthrough MC' nominee.

Top-five “Hottest Breakthrough MC of 2010″ pick Wiz Khalifa has been on the grind for a while but appears poised to own the first year of the decade with his buzzy mixtape Kush & OJ. The tatted-up Pittsburgh rapper has been steadily building a loyal fanbase, layering his languid flow over spacey beats and collaborating with fellow “Hottest Breakthrough MC” nominee Curren$y . Among those checking for Wiz this year is Houston O.G. Bun B, who said the rising MC is close to making it really big in the hip-hop game.

“I think he’s just really that one song away from actually cracking because he’s made the connection with the people,” Bun B told MTV News about the “Taylor Gang” MC. Bun said that Khalifa’s innovative hustle, like many other young hip-hop artists, really makes use of the outsize marketing power of the Web to score fans.

“It used to be you make a song and put it out and then try to connect with [the] people, but now, there’s a whole new D.I.Y. movement going on in independent music, especially in hip-hop,” Bun observed. “These young cats are taking full advantage of the opportunities with YouTube and Twitter and all these other different viral video outlets that the Internet [has] and they’re making it happen.”

Bun isn’t the only lyrical heavyweight with Khalifa on his radar. Rick Ross singled out Wiz and his sometime partner-in-rhyme Curren$y for the remix to his lush summer jam, “Super High.” Wiz recently talked to Mixtape Daily about how it feels to have the Miami boss in his corner.

“It was a good look for me, because hasn’t been nobody really big, anybody who’s as influential in the game right now as Ross is, saying, ’I really f—s with Wiz,’ or, like, been seen on camera with me. That was a big power move for the both of us [Curren$y and Khalifa].”

MTV News will be rolling out the top-five candidates for “Hottest Breakthrough MCs of 2010″ all week — with the winner being revealed on MTV2’s “Sucker Free Summit” on Sunday at noon!