Young Jeezy's TM103 Set For September Release

MC says he is 'back to Jeezy' with new album.

[artist id="1243444"]Young Jeezy[/artist] announced Monday on Ustream that his next album, TM103, is slated to hit stores on his birthday, September 28, a date the rapper also dubbed his "G-day." The Snowman set up a live stream in a recording studio and, during a conference call with DJs around the country, dropped details about his upcoming fourth album.

The MC revealed that his latest track, "Jizzle," is a return to the street-friendly club bangers he's known for. "I had to get back in the lab and do what I do and that's keep the club and the streets just straight off the chain, and 'Jizzle' was all that," Jeezy said. "[Previous single] 'Lose My Mind' was like the appetizer. This is like the entrée plate and we gonna keep 'em coming after that."

Jeezy and producer Shawty Redd also enlisted the rowdy stylings of another ATL star for the track. "Me [and] Shawty Redd, we went in, banged out ... reached out to the homie Lil Jon just to put a little 'umph' on it, and we came out with that 'Jizzle,' " Jeezy said.

The Snowman also broke down the recording process behind TM103 and revealed that he put in major work and even switched up his lifestyle a bit to create his latest effort.

"It took me damn near a year and some change to make this album. Me and Shawty Redd went back to the ... basics. We got in this n---a basement, I moved in with that n---a for three months to finish this album," Jeezy said. "No nothing, no clubbing. Just straight grinding, all day and all night."

The MC also revealed that artists like Yo Gotti and Jay-Z make appearances on the record but urged fans to check out the album for any other surprises. "I'm back to Jeezy," he said. "I ain't trippin' on ... what they want, I'm gonna give them what they need, and that's what 103 is."