Tim Burton To Direct 3-D 'Monsterpocalypse'

'Giant monsters come to Earth and start wreaking havoc,' producer Roy Lee says of board-game adaptation.

To the upcoming cinematic slate of board-game adaptations that includes "Battleship," "Candy Land," "Ouija" and "Monopoly," we can now officially add "Monsterpocalypse."

Tim Burton is attached to direct the project based on the tabletop strategy game that he is developing as a 3-D release for DreamWorks, according to a SlashFilm.com report.

"The general take on the film that I can give you is that the giant monsters come to earth and start wreaking havoc," producer Roy Lee said. "The humans, at this point, fight back. And they feel like they've destroyed them, but they quickly learn that the monsters that come had actually not died and just sort of burrowed underground and are sending some sort of signal into space.

"Apparently, it is probably going to be a distress signal," he

continued. "So the humans know that something is going to be coming, they just don't know what yet. And they know how big these monsters can be. Then it cuts to many years later when nothing has come back, but the humans have prepared for possible monsters coming back. And by this time, they have developed these giant robots that will fight the monsters when they come."

News of the "Monsterpocalypse" movie first popped up in May, followed the next month by word that longtime Burton collaborator John August ("Corpse Bride") was coming onboard to pen the script. Lee confirmed that the film is being developed as a 3-D release with an eye on a late 2012 release date.

"That would be correct," Lee said about the 3-D potential. "I mean, that's where [visual effects supervisor] Ken Ralston is saying there is no reason why we shouldn't, because seeing major cities destroyed and monsters fighting with robots would naturally lend itself to a 3-D movie."

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