Vanessa Hudgens Says 'Sucker Punch' Would Be 'So Badass' In 3-D

'Having my tomahawk fly towards your face, [it would be] just too cool,' she tells MTV News of Zack Snyder flick.

Vanessa Hudgens' upcoming film roles are definite departures from her squeaky-clean work in "High School Musical" — particularly in the upcoming action-thriller "Sucker Punch," directed by "300" helmer Zack Snyder.

When MTV News recently caught up with the young star, at Neutrogena's Wave for Change with Global Giving, she revealed just how different the role really is. Hint: She's traded singing for slinging bullets.

Although the film will present at Comic-Con this weekend, Hudgens said it is far from completion. "It's probably, definitely not done," she said. "There's so much CGI in it, it's ridiculous."

Regarding the film joining in on the popular 3-D trend, Hudgens was enthusiastic about "Sucker Punch" going that route. "It would be so badass," she said. "It's already really badass, but having it in 3-D ... having my tomahawk fly towards your face, [it would be] just too cool, you know?"

Speaking of badass, Hudgens continued to cite the gun-slinging as her favorite aspect of filming.

"Shooting a .50-cal [machine gun], there's nothing like it," she said with a smile. Hudgens added that she and her female castmates (including Jena Malone, Abbie Cornish and Emily Browning) found a new sense of empowerment with their gun-wielding skills. "I think all of us girls loved it so much. We're all strong individuals, and when you give us a gun ... you kind of unleash something."

Hudgens is also excited for fans to see a sneak peek of footage, which will premiere at Comic-Con in San Diego. "I'm going for the first time, and I'm so excited!" she exclaimed. "I want to go dress up in a mask or paint my face so I can walk around in the crowd."

Most of all, Hudgens can't wait to see the first clip from the film, which is slated to premiere Saturday. "I'm really excited [for fans to see it]. There's this beast that's been unleashed with all of this. ... I'm a lot tougher, stronger, badass — I don't want to sound cocky, but it's cool."

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