Waka Flocka Flame 'Hard In Da Paint' Video Premieres

'Whatever the fans grab, I'm running with it,' the rapper says of choosing his singles.

[artist id="3443335"]Waka Flocka Flame[/artist] is used to a certain amount of chaos surrounding his environment. The Atlanta-based rapper premiered his latest video for "Hard in Da Paint" on Sunday on MTV2, and in the clip the production was shut down by gang activity and police presence.

The Benny Boom-directed number was shot in Los Angeles in the Jungle, a neighborhood made infamous courtesy of the Denzel Washington flick "Training Day."

"I go hard in that mother----ing pain, n---a, leave you stankin' n---a," Waka raps on the track.

Earlier this year, the upstart rapper and Gucci Mane protégé was shot and hospitalized after an attempt on his life when Waka stopped at a local carwash. However, the flamboyant rapper recovered and has kept his buzz building with a slew of mixtape material, including "Hard in Da Paint."

"Whatever the fans grab," Waka said about his process of deciding which songs will be singles. His first two records originated from mixtapes and they proved to be what the streets gravitated toward.

"Whatever they grab, I'm running with it," Waka told MTV News earlier this year.

"They grabbed 'O Let's Do It,' so I feel like they can grab the next one. I don't go to the studio like, 'Oh, this is a hit. This is a hit!' Nobody in this world know what a hit is. When I dropped 'O Let's Do It,' nobody knew it was a hit. The only person that knew it was a hit was my mama [also his manager]. All the music I ever did, she was like, 'I like that one.' I was like, 'That commercial song? Heck no. I hate that song.' "

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