Dondria Says Mentor Jermaine Dupri Keeps Her 'Grounded'

'He's definitely pushed me the hardest,' she says of her So So Def boss.

[artist id="3092281"]Dondria[/artist] might be new to the music game, but she proves she has plenty of confidence when it comes to the fellas in her latest video "Shawty Wus Up." The YouTube sensation-turned-So So Def star keeps an eager suitor at bay in the latest video from her album, Dondria vs. Phatfffat.

"Shawty" is a collaboration with singer/songwriter Johnta Austin, and the rising star said the track is one of her favorites from her debut.

"He's flirting with me and I'm flirting back, but I'm independent, like, I don't need you, but we can make it happen," Dondria told MTV News about the track. Austin and Dondria definitely bring the heat as they work some flirtatious scenes together. In addition to Austin, femcee Diamond makes an appearance in the clip, and So So Def boss [artist id="450135"]Jermaine Dupri[/artist] pops up as well.

Although JD makes a cameo in the fun, lighthearted video, Dondria said the Atlanta mogul is the person in her life who pushes her the hardest when it comes to her career. "Ever since I said I want to work hard and I need to be challenged, he took that and ran with it," Dondria said. "He's definitely pushed me the hardest — pushed my voice, just pushed me to the max."

The mogul has been touting the singer's star power since he discovered her online, but Dondria said he makes sure that his protégé's rising fame doesn't go to her head.

"When I'm doing something well, he won't tell me that, because he doesn't want me to get too comfortable. He'll just be like, 'Oh, that was a'ight.' It could have been the best recording of my life, but he's just gonna be like, 'That was cool,' " the singer said. "He definitely keeps me grounded and always pushes me. Sometimes I'll be like, 'Dang, just slow down.' But, no sleep."

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