Patrick Stump Clears Up Rumors About Solo Album On Twitter

'I was tempted out of my cave by misinformation,' he says of his recent tweets.

[artist id="1790812"]Patrick Stump[/artist] has never really been the most tech-savvy dude — his social networking presence isn't exactly what you would call robust — so, when he took to his Twitter account late Friday (July 16), it was clearly because he had something important to say.

"This is the first tweet I'm typing myself," he wrote on the page, which, up until this point, had been maintained/updated by someone else. "Gonna clear up some misinformation."

At issue were stories about his upcoming solo album, several of which seemed to insinuate that he'd no longer be playing every instrument on the disc (something he's long maintained), but would be joined on the album by former Taking Back Sunday bassist Matt Rubano and drummer Mike Fasano.

"Matt Rubano is playing in my band, he's a genius, but he is not playing on the record," Stump wrote. "Mike Fasano isn't playing on the record either, he's my drum tech, and a damn good one ... I'm still playing everything on the record and it's almost done."

Considering that the Rubano stuff had been circulating since late May, you get a pretty good idea of how often Stump checks in online. But, since he had momentum, he also used his Twitter to address a Washington Post blog post that quoted him as saying his debut disc would feature "outsider folk."

" 'Outsider folk' was a misquote. I said, 'Outsider funk,' but it's not even really that anymore," he wrote. "It's basically an R&B album, but as they say, 'Talking about music is like dancing about architecture ...' You'll have to just hear yourself."

He closed by promising that fans would be hearing his much-discussed solo debut very soon, writing, "Patience will be rewarded. I guarantee no Chinese Democracy."

MTV News sent Stump an e-mail to see if he had anything to add to his, uh, addendums, and, somewhat surprisingly, we got a response — one that hinted, in a very funny way, that fans probably shouldn't expect another outpouring of Tweets like this any time soon.

"The only thing I have to add: I still don't dig Twitter. To paraphrase Lee Marvin, 'I know my career must be doing great 'cause I'm getting quoted incorrectly,' " Stump wrote. "I was tempted out of my cave by misinformation. But you'll never see me tweet what I had for lunch."