50 Cent May Put Black Magic On Back Burner

'I am not sure it will be my next album,' rapper says.

Since the release of his 2009 album Before I Self Destruct, 50 Cent has been traveling the world, playing shows and taking in new musical ideas. Along the way, he has been putting together music for an album called Black Magic, which was going to find 50 pulling in a number of different genres and influences (most notably from dance and rock music). But according to a recent interview, that entire project may be put on the back burner in favor of a more traditional hip-hop album.

"I've written an album that's called Black Magic, but I am not sure it will be my next album," 50 told the Brazilian edition of Rolling Stone. (Portions of the interview appeared on YouTube.) "Black Magic had a different style to it, a different vibe. I was playing with different song structures, music from different genres like rock music. I did some things that were a little dance-inspired, the tempo was higher. Just playing with a lot of things. Since I've made it back to America, I started writing different material that [doesn't] quite fit that concept."

50 told the magazine that much of Black Magic was recorded while he was on the road in Europe, but now that he is back in the United States, he has been offered a cache of excellent music from a number of different beatmakers. "So many producers were accumulating material to send me new ideas, so when I got back I was kind of bombarded with a whole lot of new production."

The Queens-bred star noted that his situation is not unlike Eminem's, who shelved Relapse 2 in favor of the chart-topping Recovery. "That album is still on his computer, but just not for the general public," 50 noted.

Still, the rapper said it's possible that people will be able to hear the music he has been working on. "[Black Magic] may come out shortly after this album that I'm launching," he said. "There are some pieces that are really exciting to me, so I want to put them out as soon as possible. But the whole body of work, the whole concept of that actual album, it may not be my next album."