Gucci Mane Guarantees Mr. Zone 6 Is 'Mixtape Of The Year'

'Biggest mixtape of the summer, by far,' he tells Mixtape Daily of the DJ Drama-hosted tape.

This Week's Main Pick

Artist: Gucci Mane and DJ Drama

Holding It Down For: Zone 6

Mixtape: Mr. Zone 6

Real Spit: Gucci Mane is loving life right now and feels like he's making the best tracks of his career.

"Biggest mixtape of the summer, by far," Gucci said about his latest tape, Mr. Zone 6, an ode to the neighborhood in Atlanta where he grew up. "When y'all get it, guarantee I win Mixtape of the Year."

"The thing about me and Gucci, we don't even know when we're gonna go in," added DJ Drama, who hosts the tape. "We'll talk for, like, six months: 'You wanna do the tape? Yeah?' Then [I'll] get the call like, 'Yeah, we ready.' If you watch how we drop, we always drop around something special."

Mr. Zone 6 came out the same day as Gucci's headlining appearance at Hot 107.9's Birthday Bash concert last month.

"We come up with the craziest concepts, craziest ideas," Dram continued. "Gucci don't give me a lot of time [to put the tapes together]. But somehow, someway, when I hear [the songs], I be talking that sh--. I don't be knowing what comes over me. We like five tapes in, in two years."

"We're like five tapes in," Gucci reiterated. "This one right here, it's got a different feel to it. It feels good! We got some bangers on there."

" 'Stove Music,' shout to Waka. 'It's Goin Up,' shout to Yo Gotti and Bun B," Drama said. " 'Georgia's Most Wanted,' 'Koolin' is serious. It's not fair, man. It's a cold summer, baby."

Joints to Check For

» 1. "Normal." "I made that song the day I got outta jail," Gucci explained. "I like to do things different. I feel like the way I do things, I like to do things differently. It's not like I try; I just do things in a different way. I talk different, dress different, act different. I put it on wax. Everything I do is abnormal. Most guys try to do things in a conventional way; I think outside the box. That song is for everybody who thinks outside the box."

» 2. "Mr. Zone 6." " 'Mr. Zone 6,' it's just official now," Gucci said about the mixtape's title track. "I been Mr. Zone 6 before, let me tell it. Now the world know. If you coming to Atlanta, you wanna see the real side. Just come through Moreland [Avenue], slide down Custer [Avenue], go by Boulder Crest, stop by Flatshoals, then slide down Glenwood and ask for Gucci."

» 3. "Dats My Life." "This is my most personal mixtape ever," Gucc said. "It's 'hood. It's deep. I'm addressing things that's happening in my life and all my friends around me. A lot of my boys gotta live through me, because they either dead or in jail. A lot of pain, a lot of struggle in this mixtape right here. Every day is a blessing. So every day, I wake up and try to do what I do."

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