Lil Wayne Owes $1.1 Million In Unpaid Taxes

IRS filed a tax lien against the incarcerated rapper last month.

We've already found out that Lil Wayne plans to drop an EP before he's released from prison in November, and his Young Money cohorts have said their capo is eager to get right to work the day he's out.

But before he takes care of any of that, he may have to settle some business with the state of Florida. According to The Detroit News, Florida court records indicate that the Internal Revenue Service filed a $1.13 million tax lien against the rapper last month in Dade County Circuit Court.

Apparently, he owes income taxes from 2004, 2005 and 2007, and the lien lists the address of Weezy's One Family Foundation on the document. The 2004 line shows an unpaid balance of $176,561, as well as $97,686 for 2005 and $864,511 for 2007 for the organization.

This is the second time Wayne has had a tax lien filed against him, following one in 2008 when he paid off a tax debt of $977,840.

A spokesperson for Wayne could not be reached for comment at press time.

The good news out of Wayne's camp is the EP, which manager Cortez Bryant recently spoke about.

"I'm putting out a [Wayne EP] called I'm Not a Human Being, and I'll probably drop it on his birthday, September 27," Bryant told Bryant said the EP won't have the fanfare of a high-profile major-label release and revealed that he's opting instead for a more low-key way to get the music to the masses. "We're not about to roll out no three-month setup. I'm not even putting it out in stores. We just gonna put it out virally and maybe package it up for Christmas. Give 'em a hard copy later for fan appreciation," Bryant said of the release, which is billed as a prelude to Tha Carter IV.

Wayne is approximately halfway through his yearlong sentence and may be released early on good behavior. While the Human Being EP might satisfy fans until the star is back on the scene, Weezy protégé Nicki Minaj — who has kept in touch with Wayne throughout his sentence — said he's probably going to head back into the game with an arsenal of new material.

"I know when he comes out, it's gonna be a problem, 'cause he's one of those people that needs to get out his thoughts," Minaj told MTV News. "So I would imagine he would probably be in the studio for 60 days straight. He'll probably do three albums the day he comes home."

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