Katy Perry Talks 'Gorgeous' Video For 'Teenage Dream'

'I got to cast all my friends,' writes singer, who shot the sexy clip in her California hometown.

[artist id="3274550"]Katy Perry[/artist] has made it known that she wants to be "one of those ... teenage wet dreams," and her "California Gurls" video has certainly set the bar high for the singer, who is set to release her new album, Teenage Dream, next month. So for "Teenage Dream," the album's second single, Perry headed to the beach.

In photos taken from the video shoot for the title track, Perry is seen canoodling with a hot guy in a hotel pool in her hometown of Santa Barbara, California. The guy is rumored to be actor Josh Kloss. In another still, leaked online, a bikini-clad Perry is kneeling in the sand, looking up at a scantily clad man, presumably Kloss.

Perry tweeted about the clip as well, writing, "Cut, copy, print, moving on! That's a wrap for Teenage Dream! So gorgeous, I really can't wait to see what [director] Yoann Lemoine makes of it all!!! In my hometown. I got to cast all my friends in the new music vid for Teenage Dream = amazing insanity."

Previewed at a listening party last month, the radio-friendly title track picks up right where "California Gurls" leaves off. With a strong beat to back her up, Perry sings about a boy who makes her feel like a teenager again.

"I wrote that song in Santa Barbara and it was a very pure moment for me, because that's where I'm from," she told MTV News in early June. "And it was, like, where I started my creative juices. And also it kind of exudes this euphoric feeling because everybody remembers what their teenage dreams were — all the girls that were on your poster walls."

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