Fabolous Re-Releasing The Funeral Service 2 Mixtape As An EP

'It started out as something I wanted to give free to the fans and people who accept my work,' he tells Mixtape Daily.

Midseason Salute: Fabolous' The Funeral Service: There Is No Competition 2

We have to give credit where it's due. Our segment on Fab's mixtape has been one of the most applauded productions we've put together this year. Shot on location at Benta's Funeral Home (shout to b-day girl Whitney!), Loso previewed what would be a front-runner for Mixtape of the Year. The Brooklyn native's street CD was so hot, Def Jam stepped in and told him it was time to make some money off it. Fab is pulling a Drake and re-releasing the tape as an EP, much like Drizzy did with So Far Gone in '09.

"It's really incredible how people will connect with the work," Fab said. "I think we put a lot of work into it, with the whole funeral theme. We didn't just say it and you had to daydream it. We went into the funeral homes. We picked caskets out for the competition. Def Jam, this summer, is gonna put the mixtape out as an EP. So I did about four new songs, put 'em with some of the original joints from the mixtape. We got more viral videos coming. We just gonna keep it going and let it end as the classic it is. A lot of people saying it's a classic, one of the, if not the best mixtape of 2010. It's crazy to me, because it started out as something I wanted to give free to the fans and people who accept my work. Def Jam even came in and said, 'Whoa, we gotta get a piece.' It's a good thing, man.

" 'Body Ya' definitely did its thing," he added about one of the standout cuts from the mixtape. "It got added to Hot 97 and Power 105.1. 'Body Ya' grew its own legs. The mixtape itself grew its own legs. People are still asking about it. In this fast-paced music industry, music and mixtapes don't have that much longevity. You might listen to it for a month, somebody else drop they joint and you listening to it the next month. But No Competition 2, people are still listening to it , still on Twitter talking about it. It's crazy."

Loso is keeping his production to new guys on the EP.

"I worked with Sonaro, a producer who just signed to Street Family. He did 'Body Ya.' I worked with the guy who did [Rick Ross'] 'Blowin' Money Fast,' Lex Luger. He did a song for me called 'Lights Out.' The one with Sonaro is called 'Body Count.' I did one more with Ryan Leslie called 'You Be Killin' Them.' It's a little bit more for the females but keeping with the theme. I think when people hear these three joints, they gonna be like, 'He's still giving us great music, and it's just a mixtape, just an EP.' And from here, I'm working on the album."

Fab's album is Loso's Way 2.

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