Meet Kevin Todd: 'The Hills' Castmember You've Never Heard Of

Event producer recounts his many quiet appearances over 'The Hills' six seasons: 'I am pretty stealthy!'

Although you may not recognize him at first, Kevin Todd has been a part of many of the biggest moments of "The Hills." He was standing by when Heidi and Lauren had that huge blow-up over that rumored LC sex tape. He witnessed the drama when Justin Bobby made out with another girl in front of Audrina. He was part of the festivities at the ladies' 2006 New Year's Eve bash and he has even presented Lauren with a cake at her birthday.

He's the tall guy with the beanie who has popped up in many different scenes throughout "The Hills," or as he puts it, "I'm the guy that's always around, but never around."

Viewers have tossed out a range of ideas about just who this mystery guy is. "Fans are always speculating that maybe I'm a producer, a publicist, a bodyguard, or maybe I'm Batman!" Todd said. And now that "The Hills" is wrapping up, it's time to reveal his true identity.

Todd is an event producer who has had a hand in organizing some of the fabulous events where the "Hills" girls often find themselves running into drama. He runs his own company entitled Kevin Todd Presents. He has his own blog and keeps up with "Twilight" (he's Team Edward). He's a Taurus and, in his own words, he's "a generally nice guy."

Now he can add "credited castmember" to his résumé, as MTV recently hooked him up with his first-ever onscreen ID (It says "Kevin Todd/Lauren's Friend). But even if you look back on some of the major moments of "The Hills" and you still can't remember his name, Todd has a very simple solution: "You can remember me as 'Lauren's Friend!' "