'Hills' Star Lo Bosworth Says Surreal Finale Was Just 'Poking Fun'

'In truth (and this really is the truth), the relationships with those on the show are real,' she writes on her website.

"The Hills" finale left everyone a little speechless Tuesday night when, during the final scene, the producers revealed that Kristin and Brody's goodbye scene was shot on a backlot in Hollywood. It was, as Lo Bosworth previously said, a "spectacular" ending to a show that had fans wondering week after week if the drama on the show was real.

Well, despite that one scene, Bosworth wants fans to know that everything they watched over the six seasons of the show was, in fact, real. "TWIST! Tuesday night, viewers said in disappointed shock, 'OMG was "The Hills" really fake all this time?' " Bosworth blogged on her new website, TheLoDown.com. "I mean, that's what you guys have been saying forever, right? Ha ha. Don't worry. It wasn't fake. I have never shot any 'Hills' scenes on a stage of any kind.

"Rest assured, we were simply poking fun in the way that our viewers have done since the show began to air," she continued. "Our show's undeniable production value sometimes made the validity of it all questionable, but in truth (and this really is the truth), the relationships with those on the show are real."

Bosworth noted in the post that many of her friendships on the show date back to a time when no one had even heard of "The Hills." "Lauren, Kristin and I have known each other since we were all under 5 feet tall. No conspiracy there," she said. "As for the others — we met them all when moving to L.A. Sure, some relationships were pushed by producers, but once pushed, blossomed into real-life friendship (or hatred, take your pick)."

She concluded the post by reiterating the fact that the ending was really nothing more than fun. "So, lovely reader and watcher of 'The Hills' — it was just a big 'joke's on you,' without it really, truly being one. Just messin' with you guys a little. In the end, we're all in the same boat, right?" she wrote.

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