Oksana Grigorieva's Lawyers To Take Mel Gibson To Court Today

Grigorieva's lawyers will reportedly use tapes as evidence to get her full custody of daughter.

The first of what will likely be multiple court dates pitting lawyers for aspiring model/singer Oksana Grigorieva against her ex, actor Mel Gibson, is slated to take place on Thursday morning (July 15) in Los Angeles.

According to TMZ, Grigorieva's lawyers will be in family court, where they will ask a judge to strip the "Lethal Weapon" actor of custody of their 8-month-old daughter, using the shocking series of expletive-laden tapes leaked to RadarOnline.com as evidence against Gibson.

The now-infamous tapes find an unhinged Gibson allegedly ranting at Grigorieva, using foul language and racist and sexist slurs, threatening to burn down her house, threatening her life, and seemingly admitting to assaulting her. Gibson's spokesperson has offered "no comment" on the tapes — though he has not denied that the voice heard on them is Gibson — and the actor has not yet made any public statement about their contents.

According to TMZ, unidentified sources said that Gibson's lawyers plan to claim they have evidence that the tapes Grigorieva secretly recorded earlier this year have been tampered with and edited, which would make them inadmissible in court.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is in the midst of a domestic violence investigation of Gibson, based on allegations that he attacked Grigorieva earlier this year, knocking out two of her teeth. Gibson's lawyers have reportedly denied that claim. The site also reported that the investigation includes a probe into Gibson for assault with a deadly weapon — Grigorieva allegedly told deputies that Gibson threatened her with a handgun at his Malibu estate — and child endangerment, after Grigorieva claimed that during a January 6 fight, Gibson punched her while she was holding their child.

TMZ said that Sheriff's Department officers would have to authenticate the recordings before they send the case to the District Attorney's office, which will then have to decide if there's enough evidence to charge the Oscar-winning actor in the case. Gibson's lawyers will reportedly present "concrete forensic evidence" that the tapes have been tampered with, including proof that they've been edited.

A lawyer for Grigorieva told the site that, "We are not aware of any presentation Gibson's lawyers are making, but we are not surprised they would make such unfounded claims."