Jay Electronica Reveals How 'Ghost Of Christopher Wallace' Came To Life

'I called Puff like, 'I'mma do this,' ' he tells Mixtape Daily of getting Diddy involved.

The O.D.: A Mixtape Daily Exclusive

Jay Electronica said there's no need for speculation: He is a part of the ever-expanding Dream Team super clique of hip-hop luminaries, which includes DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Fabolous, Busta Rhymes and Diddy. Jay Elect recently released footage to the Internet, in which we get to see him and Diddy recording the underground banger "The Ghost of Christopher Wallace."

"I'm blessed, man," Jay told us in his hometown of New Orleans a couple of weeks ago. "I had records with Just Blaze, records with Puff. That record came from Twitter. I was on Twitter asking for beats through iChat. Quincy Tones [who produced 'Wallace'] sent the beat. I was sitting on that one line: 'The game ain't been the same since B.I.G. died/ And Wu swarmed on New York from out that beehive.' I had been sitting on that for two weeks. I didn't do nothing with it. Then I took a swim on it. I called Puff like, 'I'mma do this.' He said, 'Come to the studio right now. I need to get on that.' It was a crazy night. A lot of energy."

As you've heard, Jay spits audio fury for a little over two minutes, then Diddy takes over the track, talking greasy for the remaining four and a half minutes.

"I told him to," Electronica explained. "That's the Puff I love. That's the Puff I wanna hear. I grew up listening to Biggie records and all these other records. I hear both sides of the coin; some people like it, some people don't. He went long. We was supposed to go in the studio the next day with the engineer and only uses pieces. But I told him, 'Leave it all the way in.' I wanted it like that. A lot of times when I leave skits on there, it serves the same purpose. It's keeping the atmosphere and the energy."

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