CC Sabathia Remembers An Epic Paint Fight On 'When I Was 17'

'I went and put a stripe on a girl's shirt, and it turned into a big paint fight,' the Yankees pitcher recalls.

Back before he was throwing heat for the New York Yankees, CC Sabathia was throwing paint in the classrooms of Vallejo High School in California. And, as he explains on Saturday's all-new episode of "When I Was 17," he was just as good at it as he is at baseball.

"I remember one time in my junior year, in my art class, our teacher had us doing, like, finger paints, and I went and put a stripe on a girl's shirt, and it turned into a big paint fight," he laughed. "Paint all over the walls, all over everybody. It was pretty fun.

"The teacher was this short little lady, and she was screaming, 'You guys, stop!' and we kind of drowned her out," Sabathia continued. "I did a lot of bad stuff, I guess."

But, luckily, it didn't get much worse than flinging paint. Because back then, Sabathia — who stood 6-foot-6 and weighed 235 pounds and starred at not only baseball, but football and basketball too — could've done some serious damage. That wasn't really in his nature, though, and pretty much everyone who knew him back at Vallejo High remembers him as "a big teddy bear."

Of course, there was another reason he never really misbehaved: his mother, Margie, who was waiting at home every day and was more than willing to keep CC in line. And, thankfully for him, she didn't hear about the whole paint-fight incident until producers brought it up on "When I Was 17."

"Oh, man, I didn't hear about that one," she smiled. "See, there's some things they keep from you!"

Sorry, CC, hope we didn't get you in too much trouble.

"When I Was 17" — this week featuring CC, Ciara and Debi Nova — airs Saturday at 11 a.m. on MTV.