Kristin Cavallari Relives Her 'Hills' Debut On Finale Red Carpet

'All the producers were like, 'You need to own this,' ' she tells MTV News.

Kristin Cavallari might have looked calm in her blue dress as she confidently marched into the church where Heidi and Spencer were exchanging vows during season five of [url id=""]"The Hills."[/url] But in reality, the former "Laguna Beach" star told MTV News at the "Hills" finale red carpet that she wasn't quite as secure as she seemed when she made her big debut.

"I was so nervous," Cavallari admitted. In fact, it was the "Hills" crew that gave her the confidence she needed to make her grand entrance at the wedding so memorable. "All the producers were like, 'You need to own this. Walk out there like, "Move over!" ' "

When Cavallari joined the cast after Lauren Conrad's departure, she certainly had some big stilettos to fill (figuratively speaking). Her biggest concern was how the rest of the ladies would react to the news.

"[I thought] 'Oh my God, no one knows I'm here,' " she recalled. "I didn't know how everyone was going to react. Everyone could've been like, 'Why are you here?' which I think it seemed like on the show."

But in reality, after the bombshell dropped, Kristin said the rest of the ladies were very kind to her. "Everyone was actually very sweet and did welcome me with open arms."

In fact, the tables were turned when one star said she was actually intimidated by Kristin. "Stephanie's first comment was, 'Wait, wait, wait — you're going to be on the show now?' She was like, 'Oh, I'm scared!' "

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