Tony Yayo Urges Fans: 'Don't Forget' About Haiti

'Keep donating,' says the G-Unit rapper, who is of Haitian descent.

While reflecting on the tragic earthquake and aftershock in Haiti just a half a year later,

[artist id="1689514"]Tony Yayo[/artist]

said he has a message for everyone:

"I want to tell people it's only been six months," he told MTV News on Tuesday (July 13). "Don't forget what happened. And all the people that donated [before], keep donating and do what you got to do."

Yayo — who is of Haitian descent — suffered the loss of a relative and some friends in the disaster but said he and his family are just like the rest of the people in Haiti: recovering.

"My family is good. We lost one cousin. That was tragic. But everybody is kinda taking it in stride," Yayo said via phone from Brazil, where he's on tour with 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and DJ Whoo Kid.

"I was watching CNN the other day, and one of the things I saw was all the Haitians happy about the World Cup," Tony continued. "That was amazing that a soccer game could uplift, that people that were in a tragic situation could be happy over a soccer game."

Yayo acknowledges the recovery efforts going on in Haiti but feels more can be done — by himself and others.

"It's crazy, man, because they said there are [hundreds of millions of dollars]. I'm not sure of the number, but they say they can't touch some of the money yet," Yayo said. "I don't understand that, but it's crazy the relief efforts generated that much money.

"Last time, we did Funkmaster Flex's car show and Wyclef came onstage with me, 50 and Banks," he added. "I'm sure you've seen that. The mission now is for [the G-Unit] to get to Haiti. That's our thing, is to get down there, but we want to send clothes and more stuff down there."

Wyclef Jean blogged about continued earthquake-relief efforts for CNN on Tuesday, asking that progress be expedited because it's "being made at the speed of a turtle."

What more can be done to help Haiti? Share your ideas in the comments.