Angelina Jolie Reveals The Key To Being A Big-Screen Badass

'A good gun helps,' the 'Salt' star laughs.

"She's fearless."

So says producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura of "Salt" star Angelina Jolie. Even a bloody cut on her forehead, sustained during stunt work on the upcoming thriller, barely kept her away from the New York set. Nor did it keep her from jumping out of helicopters and off freeways during the rest of the shoot.

From "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" to "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" to "Wanted," Jolie has executed her fair share of stunts before, but as the 35-year-old explained to MTV News, she takes a particular pleasure in such work these days.

"They actually are more [rewarding]," she said of her [movie id="376997"]"Salt"[/movie] stunts. "Maybe it's because I spend so much time at home with the kids that I really like to get out and jump on something and not be Mom for a bit."

What's more, Jolie even pushed herself toward maximum badassery since her children were on set with her. "My kids are watching and rooting for me, so I want to impress them and be cool," she said.

That's just how Jolie rolls. "There's a badass in all of us," she said. "I've certainly got mine."

"Angie is daring and wants to do all her stunts. We sometimes have to talk her out of doing stuff. She's ready to go," di Bonaventura explained. "She believes the more the movie star does, the more fantastic it is. I remember the first screening of 'The Matrix,' people went, 'Oh my God, Keanu Reeves can fight!' Angelina does that in our movie."

So what is the key to being a true big-screen badass? According to Jolie, it's really quite simple: "A good gun helps," she laughed.

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