'The Hills' Stars Have Some Advice For The 'Jersey Shore' Crew

'Don't let all the comments from people and opinions get to you,' Audrina advises Snooki, the Situation and the rest of the cast.

As the cast of "The Hills" prepares to say goodbye with the series finale of their show airing on Tuesday night (July 13), they're also making more room for the "Jersey Shore," whose tanned crew have quickly become big MTV stars. So while Snooki and LC may seem like oil and vinegar in the reality-TV world, the "Hills" ladies still have some advice for the "Shore" kids before their second season kicks off later this month.

"It reminds me of the 'Real World,' a little bit," Audrina Patridge told MTV News. "They don't care about anything, so they just seem like a fun crew," she said, before giving a few tips for the Situation and his pals.

"Just don't let all the comments from people and opinions get to you," Audrina said. "Just live your life for you and not for anyone else."

"The show is hilarious! It's good stuff," said Kristin Cavallari, who admitted to being a big fan of the "Shore." She also had some words of wisdom she wanted to pass along to the East Coasters.

"It'll be interesting to see if the second season, they're still the exact same and they're not aware of the cameras as much, because once you see yourself and you start listening to what people say about you, you might try to be somebody else and censor yourself," Kristin wondered. "So I hope they try and stay the same and are the same hilarious people that they were the first season."

Do you agree with the girls' advice for the "Jersey Shore?" crew? Tell us (and share some advice of your own) in the comments!

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