T.I. Is 'Taking The World Over' On King Uncaged, Swizz Beatz Says

'We're growing as artists,' Swizzy says of collaborating with Tip.

When Swizz Beatz and T.I. link up in the lab, the result will probably be epic. First, they landed Tip a smash single with "Bring Em Out," then they trumped themselves with "Swing Ya Rag" from Paper Trail.

The pair recently collaborated on the King of the South's upcoming King Uncaged.

"What we just did is bigger than those," Swizz said about the two new records he produced for Tip. "It's bigger than 'Swing Ya Rag,' it's bigger than all of those. We're growing as artists. That's one of the things I wanted to focus on with Tip, was: 'We did that already. We don't need to compete with nobody. You up there.' Everything we gotta do, we gotta stay leaders. That's how we got to where we at now. He gave me his OK on that. Gave me the clear lane. And we're gone. Trust me on that. The first joint, it's nice. Crazy! The second joint is taking the world over. It's a positive message, and I'll let him explain the rest of the story, because he would be glad to. [It's] very musical, but still with that swag in it."

T.I. completed a yearlong prison sentence in March for weapons charges. Swizz said one of their collaborations delves into that experience.

"The other one is more heartfelt," the producer said. "Story to tell. Think about the real things that's going on in the world. He just finished dealing with a real situation. Besides his situation, there's a million of other real situations going on in the world. So the feel is more worldly. African congas, symphony violins, what I told I was gonna do. I told y'all I was gonna switch the sound thing up."

King Uncaged is due in September.

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