'Predators' Star, Director Would Love To Do Sequel

'If 'Predators 2' was to come around, or 'Predators-es,' I'd jump at the opportunity,' director Nimrod Antal says.

When Robert Rodriguez sat down in the mid-'90s to script the next installment in the 'Predator' franchise, he ended up laying out far more than just one movie.

"You could have split it up into three pictures," Rodriguez told MTV News recently.

Rodriguez's script was not just overly ambitious in its storytelling arc, but also in its practical effects and budget. The movie went nowhere, and 15 years passed before Rodriguez brought in director Nimrod Antal and writers Alex Litvak and Michael Finch to excavate a workable movie from his original draft. The fruits of that work hit the multiplex this past weekend, when "Predators" grossed $25.3 million domestically, solid though not extraordinary for a film with a reported $40 million budget.

But with international box-office sales factored in, the movie has already earned back that production budget, so now the question is whether a second "Predators" film is in the cards. There are already two more films left to cull from Rodriguez's '90s-era script, and all involved in the film are certainly game.

"I think it'd be a great idea," Adrien Brody told us, adding that he'd still be worried about putting back on the muscle he gained for the role. "A six pack is not the difficult part. There was another 20 pounds on me I'd have to put back."

Antal is similarly open to returning to the "Predators" director's chair, though he's got another project lined up to write and direct at the moment. "I had a great time on this film," he said. "Robert gave me a chance to play with my childhood favorites, so it was a big deal and I'm really proud of the outcome. I'm really proud of this film. If 'Predators 2' was to come around, or 'Predators-es,' I'd jump at the opportunity."

A sequel, of course, is anything but certain at this point. "Predators" marks the third-straight sub-$30 million opening for 20th Century Fox's action flicks, following "The A-Team" ($25.6 million) and "Knight and Day" ($20.1 million). Will the studio recommit to "Predators," with its respectable B.O. performance despite the lack of an A-list action star? Or will it decide to take a break from the genre? For now, the "Predators" team is taking a wait-and-see attitude.

"There's a great saying in Hungarian," Antal said. "Man plans and God executes the plan."

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