Mel Gibson's Rant Posted Online

Actor can be heard hurling profanities and a racial epithet at ex-girlfriend in audio recording posted by

A taped recording of the controversial Mel Gibson rant was posted online Friday (July 9). The actor's voice can be heard hurling a racial epithet at his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva in an audio recording posted on celebrity news site

During the profanity-riddled, two-minute tape, Gibson repeatedly refers to Grigorieva as a whore and chastises her for dressing too provocatively. As the actor grows increasingly angry, his voice rising, he invokes the N-word, telling her that only she would be to blame if she were to be raped.

"You look like a f---ing bitch [in] heat, and if you get raped by a pack of n-----s, it will be your fault," Gibson says. "You provoked it. You are provocatively dressed all the time."

The website reported that Grigorieva claimed to have been recording Gibson because she was afraid he might cause her some harm. Gibson can also be heard accusing Grigorieva of lying to him about having breast implants.

"They just look stupid," Gibson is heard saying. "Keep them if you want. ... They look like some Vegas bitch, a Vegas whore."

The Associated Press reported that Gibson and Grigorieva, who have a child together, have been engaged in a bitter custody dispute over their daughter. began publishing excerpts of the phone conversation last week, but had not made audio available. Grigorieva told the website she made about 30 minutes worth of recordings of Gibson before they broke up in April.

The founder and executive vice-president of, David Perel, told the AP that the site had verified that it was in fact Gibson speaking on the recording. Perel doesn't explain, however, how they obtained the tape, but does add that the website didn't pay for the recording.

"We felt it was so newsworthy and so explosive, we simply had to report what we heard," Perel said.