‘Inception’ Star Leonardo DiCaprio On The ‘Fireworks’ Of His Dreams

'I've had plenty of them, whether they be wonderful, fantastic dreams I didn't want to end or horrific nightmares,' actor says.

Last February on the red carpet of Leonardo DiCaprio’s “Shutter Island,” a film that keeps you in is-it-real-or-a-nightmare bewilderment for two hours, the Hollywood star confessed to MTV News that he himself never remembers his dreams.

“That’s the weird thing about me,” he said. “People talk about psychoanalysis, discovering who they are through the dream state. I have no recollection in the morning.”

Now DiCaprio is back with another movie that explores the often ambiguous nature between the dream world and the real one. [movie id=”419756″]”Inception,”[/movie] out July 16, stars the 35-year-old actor as an expert dream thief, a guy with a piece of technology that allows him to enter another person’s reverie and extract top-secret information. So Leo has two hallucinatory flicks on his 2010 résumé, but alas, it seems he’s no closer to recalling his own dreams.

“Obviously, I’ve had plenty of them, whether they be wonderful, fantastic dreams I didn’t want to end or horrific nightmares,” he told us recently. “But obviously there are things we all suppress in our lives that come about in the fireworks of the unconscious.”

That’s not to say that he can’t learn from his dreams. “I like just waking up in the morning not knowing what the hell I was dreaming but saying, ’Wow, why didn’t I think of that before? Something’s on my mind that I’m not dealing with,’ or, ’That’s an incredible idea, why didn’t I think of that before?’ ” he said. “That’s how I extract stuff from the dream world.”

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