Lady Gaga Fans Display Their Monster Finery Before 'Today' Show

From cigarette glasses to studded bustiers, the costumes at Rockefeller Plaza would make the Haus of Gaga proud.

NEW YORK — The heat wave was still lingering in the city, but that didn't stop devoted Lady Gaga fans from getting decked out in their most inspired looks before waiting overnight in Rockefeller Plaza to see their idol perform for the "Today" show on Friday morning (July 9). From a sea of blond wigs to dangerously high heels, the Gaga footprint was everywhere.

Some fans rocked styles straight from her music videos as a tribute to the pop princess. Others took a cue from Gaga's unique sense of style to put together original eye-catching outfits.

"Telephone" seemed to be the biggest inspiration of the night. MTV News caught sight of fans who had soda-can rollers tucked in their hair and glasses made out of fake cigarettes as a nod to Gaga's looks in the video. Some "little monsters" wore lacy leggings and studded tops, and many wrapped yellow caution tape around themselves.

Then there were the fans who got even more creative. One woman bought a strapless dress and adorned it with yellow flowers, while another used a piece of pleather to make an outfit.

A lot of fans also relied on great accessories. A young woman wearing a short, bright-red jumpsuit glued metallic rocks onto the side of her sunglasses, and her look was so Gaga-like that many fans stopped her for pictures.

Hundreds of fans, who were perhaps not as gifted with time or sewing skills, threw on body and face paint and made special T-shirts and posters in preparation for Gaga's show.

To get a taste of the many attention-grabbing looks in Gaga's "Today" show audience, check out the flipbook!

Which Lady Gaga would you re-create and wear if time and skill were no matter? Talk about it in the comments.