Fat Joe Calls Sexual-Assault Allegations 'Shocking'

'It's one of the worst things you could have your name affiliated with,' MC says of allegations.

[artist id="611"]Fat Joe[/artist] said that when he was accused of sexual assault, it was one of the "ugliest" things anyone could have said about him.

Last month, Joe and members of his crew were questioned by police after a woman claimed to be inappropriately touched while in Joe's limo in Madison, Wisconsin. A spokesperson for the Madison police confirmed to MTV News on Friday (July 9) that the complaint against Joe has been withdrawn.

"What happens is, you know its ugly," Joe told MTV News earlier this week. "It's one of the worst things you could have your name affiliated with. There was a young lady and she was talking to my man. But I never even said hello to the girl. Nothing. Next thing I know, cops was knocking on my [hotel] door."

Joe says he was astonished when he learned of the allegations.

"I was like, 'This is shocking to me,' " he recalled. "It was an ugly case. The girl said somebody fondled her. I was like, 'This is like magic, 'cause I don't know what y'all talking about.' I got back [to New York], it was a rumor, 'Oh, he talked to cops.' That's ugly. But I know it would be cleared. It got cleared the next day. It's disgusting to get your name dragged through the mud for something like that. I didn't even say hello. I had no contact with this person. It was crazy."

Joe added that no one in his circle questioned his innocence.

"They already knew. The texts I was getting, the people was like, 'Yo, my man. We know better than this.' I didn't have nobody like, 'Really?' "