Lil Wayne's 'Nino Brown Story 3' Screens In New York

Weezy's conversations with Drake, Justin Bieber are among the highlights of DJ Scoob Doo's new DVD.

NEW YORK — For Lil Wayne, you have to do it big. On Thursday night in New York City, DJ Scoob Doo unveiled his DVD "The Nino Brown Story 3" for friends, the press and a few members of the Young Money family.

This is no ordinary street DVD that you just drop off at the mixtape shop. "Nino 3" is an event worthy of a screening. And if you thought you saw Wayne unfettered in the first two, the third "Nino" installment will surprise you.

One of the film's highlights is Wayne's reaction to Drake when he hears a verse from "Over" for the first time. In the scene, the two are freestyling in front of a green screen on the set of Drizzy's "Miss Me" video.

" 'Bout to go Thriller, Mike Jackson on these n---as," Drake raps. "All I need's a f---ing red jacket with some zippers/ Super good smiddoke, a package of the swishers."

"Stop," Wayne yells in admiration, as if to say Drake's line was too good.

"I did it overnight, it couldn't happen any quicker," Drake continues. "Y'all know them? Well, f--- it, me either/ But point the biggest skeptic out, I'll make him a believer/ It wouldn't' be the first time I done it/ Throwin' hundreds when I should be throwin' ones."

Wayne, with a smile on his face yells, "Stop! You should be throwing ones, man."

"He believed in me like no one believed in me," Drake says later in the doc, describing how his mentor put him down with the team shortly after his run on "Degrassi: The Next Generation" was over and his money started drying up. The 23 year-old adds that Wayne understood him when almost no one else did.

"For that I owe you my life," Drake affirms.

"It's just a short 'see you later,' " he says about Wayne's jail time. "I love you with all my heart. ... Young Money until they kill me. I bet they can't kill me, so it's Young Money forever."

The doc goes from Young Money to even younger money, as we see Wayne meeting Justin Bieber backstage at this year's Grammy Awards. The 16-year-old tells Wayne he's one of his favorite rappers, and to prove it, the teen spits a verse from "A Milli," censoring himself so he doesn't have to curse on camera.

"Nino 3" also takes viewers into Wayne's Miami mansion, where we see he doesn't wear any of the same clothes twice. He shows off his sports memorabilia collection, his Andy Warhol gem and his BB gun.

"The Nino Brown Story 3" comes out this summer and will be available on and other outlets. And Scoob already has footage for the next DVD.

" 'Nino Brown 4' will be Tha Carter IV," Scoob promises. "You get to see Wayne making the album."