Michael Lohan Calls Lindsay's Profane Manicure 'Insane'

Estranged father tells Fox News that ex-wife Dina isn't doing enough to help Lindsay.

Michael Lohan has been making the media rounds since his estranged daughter Lindsay was sentenced on Tuesday to spend 90 days in jail to be followed by 90 days in rehab for violating probation. And in a new interview, Lohan voiced his opinion on the "F--- U" message Lindsay stenciled on her middle fingernail before appearing in court.

"It is stupid, it's insane, it's so dark," Michael said on Fox News' "Studio B With Shepard Smith." "Why would you do that, and for what reason — and not expect people to see it or word get out?"

Asked if he thought Lindsay would go on a binge in the days before serving her prison sentence, he responded, "Absolutely. If anything, [the people around her] enable her."

Michael Lohan also didn't hold back in saying that his ex-wife, Dina, isn't doing enough to help Lindsay, who is taking a number of prescription medications, a probation report recently revealed. "It just tears me up. Especially to see that my wife, my ex-wife, is around her and not doing a damn thing to help her. She should be in a rehab now," he said. "And what Dina should be doing, and I'm calling her out right now, is she should get the names of the doctors off every prescription, every bottle, and she should turn those names over to the authorities for investigation."

Smith, however, pointed out that Michael's own motives as a parent were called into question when he was photographed smiling as he had dinner with friends just hours after his daughter's hearing.

"Are you kidding me?" Lohan said. "Give me a break. All of my effort is spent on trying to help my daughter, flying all over, back and forth, following her, calling narcotics agencies, meeting with the DEA, meeting with people. And I go out for five minutes to get some food and I spend 'half as much time helping my daughter' as I do that? Give me a break!

"That's my kid, don't tell me how much time I spend helping my daughter, or going out to eat dinner," he continued. "Or how much time I spend in the f---ing gym."