LeBron James Welcomed To Miami By Rick Ross, DJ Khaled

'With 'Bron coming, all we'll do is win!' super-DJ tells MTV News, as Miami hip-hop heroes celebrate signing.

They are beyond disappointed in New York, angry as hell in Cleveland and left out in the cold in Chicago and New Jersey. The NBA's MVP of the last two years — and the most coveted free agent in the history of sports — LeBron James finally picked his team on Thursday. During a live, one-hour special on ESPN titled "The Decision," King James told the world he would be signing with the Miami Heat. The Heat now have arguably the most formidable threesome of any lineup with James joining all-stars Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade.

Obviously, the fans in South Beach are partying it up right now. We asked some of their hometown hip-hop heroes what they thought of the addition of LBJ.

"I've been a Heat fan since the first day they turned the lights on in the Miami Arena," said Dre of production duo Cool & Dre. "Today is a special day for my city, one we'll never forget. Wade, we got 'em — five straight [championships]! 'Bron, thank you, and welcome to Dade County. No ceilings!"

DJ Khaled told MTV News he has the perfect theme song for LeBron and the Heat: His own, "All I Do Is Win."

"With 'Bron coming, all we'll do is win, win, win, no matter what!" an excited Khaled said via email after Thursday's announcement. "The city deserves this. WE THE BEST! Miyayo!!!!!"

We'll have Rick Ross' reaction for you Friday (July 9), but for now, the Bawse has spoken out in approval via Twitter, where LeBron himself just launched an account.

"Hate is a wasted emotion!!" he posted on his page, @rickyrozay, addressing critics who say the Heat have now created a super-team. "[Shout out] @heat season tickets. Courtside seats went up 30stacks in 30mins!!!! I got 5 anyway!!!!"

Ross also compared himself to the L.A. Lakers' most well-known fan. "I'm Jack Nicholson @heat games!!!!" he wrote. "Miami the spotlight of the world!!!!! Woooooowwwwww."

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