Wiz Khalifa Calls Rick Ross' 'Super High' Remix 'A Blessing'

'It was a good look for me,' Wiz tells Mixtape Daily of Ross' co-sign.

The O.D.: A Mixtape Daily Exclusive

Wiz Khalifa and his partner Curren$y aligned forces with Rick Ross for "Super High (Sativa Remix)," and the Spiff TV-directed viral video came out this week.

"That was a blessing, dude," Wiz said about the collaboration. "Ross just kept it G, dawg. He seen my movement, he seen Curren$y's movement. He recognized what we do together, but he recognized us as individuals as well as a team. He reached out in a real way. Spiff [TV] called us. I think he reached out to Spitta first. Then Spiff, he reached out to me. I was still on another leg of my tour. So as soon as I got done with the last leg of my tour, soon as I got home, I went straight to the studio and knocked out the verse, sent it to Ross. He was like, 'I love it. I'm flying you out next week. We doing the video.' "

"Yeah, you know, I'm VP, A&R over at Maybach Music Group," said Spiff, who has known Wiz for years. "Ross called me and said he's putting together a remix and he wants Wiz and Curren$y. So I reached out, sent them the track the next day, and they did their thing. They came to ATL, Ross knocked his verse out the next day. I shot the video to Wiz and Curren$y via Twitter."

"It came together on some G sh--," Wiz said. "Ross is hella talented. Everybody knows Spitta's the best. It was only right we do that sh--."

Wiz said the Ross co-sign is his biggest yet. "It was a good look for me, because hasn't been nobody really big, anybody who's as influential in the game right now as Ross is saying, 'I really f---s with Wiz,' or, like, been seen on camera with me. That was a big power move for the both of us."

Aside from Ross, Wiz — who's still trying to figure out when to release his Cabin Fever mixtape — and Curren$y still want to put out a mini-film based on their How Fly tape.

"We always gonna be working. There's never not gonna be something going on with me and Spitta," Khalifa promised. "People can look for music. He just called me the other day. He's about to drop his album, which is amazing. I'm working on my sh--. Then whenever we decide to get back together and do what we do, I think [the Taylor Gang and the Jets] gonna be right here waiting for us."

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