Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer Quits

Actress was sentenced to 90 days in jail two days ago.

Lindsay Lohan's lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley has resigned in the midst of the starlet's ongoing legal drama.

TMZ reports that when the website contacted Holley for comment Thursday (July 8), she told the site that she was no longer representing Lohan. Lohan's New York lawyer, Stephanie Ovadia, verified the attorney's exit. "I can confirm [Holley] is not representing Lindsay at this point," Ovadia told the New York Daily News, adding, "Lindsay is in the process of hiring new counsel."

Holley has reportedly been replaced by lawyer Tiffany Feder-Cohen. Holley did not respond to MTV News' requests for comment at press time, and Feder-Cohen's office would not confirm nor deny that the lawyer is now representing Lohan.

Holley's departure is an abrupt move as the attorney was still representing Lohan Thursday morning and even released a statement to MTV News defending the troubled star. "Ms. Lohan and I are extremely disappointed in the sentence handed down by Judge Revel," Holley said in a statement on July 8, just two days after her client was sentenced to 90 days in jail followed by 90 days in rehab. Holley also blasted the punishment handed down by Revel, insisting it is too severe. "We believe that the penalty is far harsher than what others would have received under similar circumstances."

Holley said Lohan's ability to adhere to the terms of her probation was affected by the demands of her professional obligations. "The reality is that Ms. Lohan, like most defendants, had to balance work commitments with court requirements," Holley continued in the statement. "To be punished so severely for doing so, particularly in light of the fact that she substantially complied with each of her probationary conditions, is harsh and unfair."

Others in the legal community have echoed Holley's sentiments that the sentence is severe. "I think it was really harsh, especially in light of the fact that she was basically compliant as of yesterday's court date to be done by [July] 15th," attorney Scott Leemon told MTV News on Wednesday. "This judge just wanted to prove a point that no one messes with her in her court. I've had clients mess up on probation, but even when the prosecution asked for only 30 days, she gave her 90 plus 90 of inpatient? Without a doubt, this decision was made by the judge [after] she felt disrespected by Lindsay, who didn't seem like she got the point," said Leeman, who has represented stars such as 50 Cent and Busta Rhymes.

"The fact that the court gave her three times what the people had asked for [prosecutors requested a 30-day sentence] is surprising, and in some cases you read that as a 'celebrity tax,' " said Stacey Richman, who has represented Lil Wayne. However, Richman added that Judge Revel has also been generous to the star. "If she's flaunted her probation not once, but three or four times, the judge has been very kind in giving her so many opportunities to stay with the program."