Where Will LeBron James Go? Silversun Pickups Drummer Has The Answer

'It looks like he's on his way to Miami, and who can blame him?' Christopher Guanlao tells MTV News.

Christopher Guanlao was "born and raised as a Lakers fan," which means that when he's not playing drums for rock-radio mainstays [artist id="1969383"]Silversun Pickups[/artist], he's also following the NBA pretty heavily.

"A few weeks ago, we were playing a show in Orlando, and it was during Game 6 of the [NBA] Finals, and, as a Lakers fan, it was really frustrating, because I was only able to watch the first quarter," Guanlao told MTV News on Thursday (July 8). "So I had my drum tech give me updates on the score in between songs. It was pretty intense, but luckily, the Lakers ended up winning."

And so, with the entire NBA seemingly focused on the future of superstar free-agent LeBron James — who will announce his choice of team Thursday night during an hour-long special on ESPN — we figured Guanlao was a pretty good guy to converse with about just where King James will end up.

"It looks like he's on his way to Miami, and who can blame him? If Miami's willing to pay him, and [Chris] Bosh and [Dwyane] Wade are already there, it seems like a no-brainer," Guanlao said. "For a while, I was thinking he might team up with [newly signed forward Carlos] Boozer in Chicago, but now I don't know. And I think Cleveland might be out, because it seems like all the major free agents are gone. They haven't made any big moves."

So, like much of the media, Guanlao predicts that James will break the hearts of Cleveland Cavaliers fans and bolt for the sunny climes of Miami. And even though he's currently in London with the Pickups, he's already making plans to watch James' announcement — time zones be damned.

"I've already discussed with some people that I have to watch it. And, it's sort of amazing, because people are talking about it here. It's basically just World Cup and 'Where will LeBron sign?' " he laughed. "So, yeah, he's making headlines all over the world. And I have to watch what happens."

And though, deep down, Guanlao wishes James would have re-signed with the Cavs (or even helped revive the fortunes of once-proud franchises like the Bulls or New York Knicks), he's resigned himself to the fact that, next season, LBJ will more than likely be calling Miami home. And, as a Lakers fan, he's already readying himself for the inevitable showdown between the two teams in the NBA Finals. Sort of.

"I mean, with LeBron, Bosh and Wade, they're probably the de facto Eastern Conference champs, but you've gotta play the games. There's been plenty of these so-called 'dream teams' before, but they don't always get over the hump," he said. "So I'm sort of thinking [the Lakers] will play Miami in the Finals, but who knows? And even if they do, there's no way it tops Lakers/Celtics. I mean, during Game 7 [of the Finals], I nearly had a heart attack."

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