Amy Winehouse Gives Surprise Performance At Mark Ronson Gig

Singer croons 'Valerie' but flubs lyrics at London show.

[artist id="1742872"]Amy Winehouse[/artist] surprised concertgoers in London on Tuesday night during a show with Back to Black producer [artist id="1208352"]Mark Ronson[/artist]. The soul singer joined Ronson, who was fronting his new outfit Mark Ronson & the Business Intl, onstage for a cozy concert at the 100 Club, the BBC reports.

The Grammy-winning singer hung out with Ronson throughout the latter half of the set while the producer debuted songs from his forthcoming album; however, the star only took to the mic during an encore. Winehouse belted "Valerie" from Ronson's 2007 collection of covers, Version, but apparently forgot the lyrics to the doo-wop number.

Winehouse also seemed to be up to her familiar antics offstage as well. Bedecked in an extremely low-cut tank that showed off her lacy bra, with a scarf holding back her mussy bouffant, the "Rehab" singer was snapped swilling beer. The U.K.'s Daily Mail published photos of the star after the show with a packet of cigarettes stuffed in her bra.

Although Winehouse appears to be easing her way back onto the stage, Ronson revealed to the U.K.'s Sun tabloid that progress on the singer's Back to Black follow-up remains slow. "Amy hasn't been working on her next record," Ronson told the paper, adding that he does plan to work with the singer on her upcoming project. "When she's got 10 songs, then we'll go down to the studio together." However, Ronson did mention that Winehouse has been recording. "We just did a song together last month for a Quincy Jones tribute album that's coming out fairly soon."

Winehouse appears to be staging a full-fledged return to the spotlight. The Ronson performance follows reports that the singer plans to form a supergroup with the Roots drummer ?uestlove.

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