'Eclipse' Star Xavier Samuel Doesn't Feel Pressured By Movie's Success

'I don't really think about that sort of stuff,' actor admits at 'Sorcerer's Apprentice' premiere.

Xavier Samuel is on top of the world these days, thanks to the box-office success of "Eclipse," which had a very big first-week run in movie theaters over the Independence Day weekend. But if you think Samuel is feeling any of the pressures of having a blockbuster film on his résumé, you are very wrong.

"I kind of don't really think about that sort of stuff," he admitted to MTV News at the New York premiere of [movie id="417618"]"The Sorcerer's Apprentice."[/movie] "I was just kind of focused on doing a good job, but we're here tonight for 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' and also a good friend of mine, [actress] Teresa Palmer, who's a fellow Adelaiden from Australia, so I thought I'd come out and show my support. I heard it's a really cool film."

While Samuel didn't want to get too hung up on the box-office appeal of "Eclipse," he also didn't want to think about competing against his pal Palmer at this weekend's box office when "Apprentice" hits theaters. "It's something I'm not too concerned with," he explained. "You know, this is supposed to be a really great film."

With the anticipation high for the last two "Twilight Saga" flicks, does Samuel feel a bit of relief knowing that none of it rides on his performance, considering Riley won't be back for the two-part "Breaking Dawn"? "I don't know if it's relief — I'd love to be a part of these stories," he said. "They're so cool. Again it's wonderful to be a part of something with such magnitude. The longer you can be a part of it, the better. But you're right: Riley does have this vicious encounter with a wolf; unless he survives that we probably [won't see him]."

Then again, there is always one perfect solution for these types of situations. "Flashbacks," he said. "That'll be perfect."

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