Lil' Kim Says Collabo With Rihanna Is 'In The Works'

'I'm 90 percent sure that a song is probably in the works,' Kim says.

Hip-hop diva Lil' Kim is looking to collaborate with pop princess Rihanna. The MC recently opened up to Australia's Lifelounge about her dream collaboration and singled out the chart-topping singer as an artist she'd like to work with.

"I'm a huge [Rihanna] fan and she's a friend of mine, so I'm almost guessing — if I had to guess — I'm 90 percent sure that a song is probably in the works," Kim told the magazine's website, hinting that she and Rihanna may have already touched base about teaming up on a record.

However, Kim said that she's not stressing the potential collaboration and wants to spring the track on the world if, and when, the time is right. "I look at it this way: If it happens, it happens. And it should be a surprise. It shouldn't be something that people are anticipating, or have their own personal opinions on it before it even comes out," the rapper said. Whether or not a Kim/Rihanna collabo jumps off, the MC maintained that she has a lot of love for the singer. "I think she's great."

The potential collaboration is just another Lil' Kim matchup that has been thrown around. Earlier this year, Ludacris said that Kim and Nicki Minaj should hook up for a track and end the drama between the two femcees. "I think if Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj do a record together it's gonna kill the entire industry," Luda told MTV News last month. "You don't have that many women in the industry so the lane is wide open."

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